scotch thistle problem

Asked March 31, 2013, 6:05 PM EDT

I have what I believe to be a scotch thistle problem on an area of my property. Last year it overtook a small wetland area I had that used to have cattails in it but because of the drought or because of the thistles those died and the thistles took over. I would like to eliminate the issue this year before it gets out of control. How do I do that. Thank you.

El Paso County Colorado

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See Some of the herbicides suggested may not be available unless you have a pesticide applicator's license. Since you are dealing with this weed in a wetland area, it may be best (and safest) to use Rodeo herbicide (the aquatic equivalent of Roundup). Follow label instructions. Use on green, actively-growing thistle only.

A mechanical control is to sever roots under plants with a spade whenever you see them, or physically remove the flowering stalks as they develop. A major goal is to ensure that flowers are not allowed to mature seeds

You might also contact El Paso County - Noxious Weeds and Forestry, 3255 Akers Drive CO Springs, CO 80922 Tel: (719) 520-7846