lawn grass turning to seed

Asked March 31, 2013, 5:02 PM EDT

My lawn has a lot of grass turning to seed. How can I eliminate this grass?

Marion County Oregon

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The grass you are referring to is annual bluegrass otherwise known as poa annua. Long term, there is no way to keep the grass out. In fact, golf courses in the Pacific Northwest end up growing annual bluegrass on their entire golf courses including the putting greens. If maintained correctly it can make a great lawn, albeit lighter in color than perennial ryegrass.

In the short term, there are chemicals you can spray but it takes 3 - 5 applications per year and there will be some plants that are not killed. When these plants seed and the seed gereminates, these plants will also not be killed by the chemicals so over time it will take over anyway.

My advice is to learn to live with it. Your lawn looks its worst now because April and May are the main months when this grass seeds and the patches are light colored. Over time, the patches will merge together and there will be less differences in color.

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