Fungus? on leaves of Amazon Lily.

Asked March 31, 2013, 12:13 AM EDT

This plant must be at least 10 yrs old. It's in a 12"pot & has never been replanted. It has recently developed a dark brown spot surrounded by deep yellow fading round the edges to pale yellow. Now one large leaf is showing swirls of differing greens in the center of the leaf not on the tip or the edge. I'm afraid this will develop into another yellow patch.
Another new leaf has developed a rough nobbly surface with slightly differing shades of green. I have been cutting infected leaves off 12 or more! I have used fungicide and fed with a balanced fertilizer. ANY IDEAS? { I worked with Robyn from Nursery Supply, for 20 years, may be you know her?}

Denver County Colorado

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From the description I am not sure what is wrong with your plant. Bringing in a sample and photographs would possibly help us diagnose it. Repotting if root-bound and taking a soil sample are also suggested.