Snow Peas - how to know if they were damaged during sprouting by cold

Asked March 30, 2013, 12:50 PM EDT

I planted my snow peas on March 17...two weeks ago. Last weekend it got down to 10 degrees F. I dug up a row and found that the seeds had a long white root? did not feel mushy ...and I am wondering if they would have been damaged and never fully sprout? Wondering how long I should wait to see if they got damaged...usually I see sprouts breaking thru the soil in two weeks.

Jefferson County Colorado

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Apologies for the delayed response....
Your snow peas should be OK and should be breaking thru soil by now. Maybe they were planted a bit too deeply or the soil is pretty clayey? While snow peas are a cool-weather crop, cold soils will delay germination.

One thing you can do is place a 1/2" thick layer of fine mulch (like sphagnum peat or finely ground dry tree leaves) over the planting row after it is watered. The mulch will help keep clayey soils from crusting and the pea shoots should be able to pop up thru it.

Thanks. They just started to pop thru the soil.:)