Staking EMLA27 mini-dwarf stock

Asked March 29, 2013, 12:12 PM EDT

My questions are on "staking of EMLA27 mini-dwarf stock. We left them un-staked for 1st year and plan to stake permanently this year since most sites say "stake permanently." However, we have not found 'recommended' staking advice/instructions. I have already reviewed Univ. of Maine and Cornell websites without success. We live 6 miles inland from the ocean beaches at Coos Bay, southern Oregon coast. We are NOT located on an exposed ridge but we are situated mid-slope with a south face. Our property is terraced to the south. Each winter we get sustained 40-50 mph winds with gusts to 70 mph (occasionally more). And if that isn't enough we get summer NW winds 15-20 with some higher gusts. Our 'orchard' is planted in an E-W row with nearby (200 ft. to 400 ft. distant) mature conifers breaking some wind impact. Soils are silty clays holding water for long periods. Tilth is pretty good and essentially rock free soils. And they are acidic. So the simple questions: * Best stakes for the EMLA27 mini-dwarf stock?; * Number of stakes and distance from stem?; * Recommended 'rubber bands' or other 'ties'; and * PNW sources for any of the above. Thank you in advance. We are big fans of OSU Extension. Sincerely, Gregory R. McClarren 65491 Bay Breeze Rd. North Bend, OR 97459 541-923-6670

Coos County Oregon

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T post
2x2 tested wood
Almost any metal that can be driven into the ground 2 foot.
Placmenet - 1-3 inches from the main tree trunk.

Attachment to tree.
Old hose with a rope attached to the post, metal.

Pipe ties, plastic bands that tigthen aorund pipes; may be too sharp for the bark. If htey coime in 1/2 inch wideth would be good. The idea is to keep the tree up right in wind or when loaded with fruit and NOT harm the bark.

Soil should be neutral - add lime, 60 pounds per 1000 sq feet.