Frost over?

Asked March 29, 2013, 12:05 PM EDT

Is it safe to bring my frost sensitive plants outdoors (fushia)?

Jackson County Oregon

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You don't say where in Jackson County you live, but regardless, it's too early to put over-wintered fucshias out. Fuschias range from very hardy (can withstand winter temperatures down to 24 degrees to very tender fucshias that need temperatures above 32 all the time. Most can stand temperatures into the upper 20's. Nevertheless, the fucshia you've had indoors has tender new growth that isn't acclimated to cold nights, so wait until after the median date of last spring frost (and then watch for those occasional freezing nights that often occur and protect it).

Median last frost varies in the Rogue Valley depending on elevation and surrounding terrain. The Medford airport date is April 28, Ashland is May 9 and Ruch is normally about May 15.

To be on the safe side, I usually wait until after Mother's day where I live on the east side of Medford.

Don't let the recent spell of warm weather fool you into thinking summer has arrived!