blueberry watering

Asked March 28, 2013, 9:41 PM EDT

Can I use sulphuric acid from an old car battery that has been separated from the lead sulphate precipitate to ph balance water for my blueberry bushes? I use an injector that fits on the faucet before the garden hose is attached.

Salt Lake County Utah blueberries

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I would not use anything like old battery acid on a food crop. There could be dangerous levels of lead in the acid. It is much safer to use a product specifically formulated for reducing water pH. The sulfuric acid recommended is a battery electrolyte product named Qual® and can be purchased from most auto supply stores for about $10 per 5 gallons.

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Anytime you attach an injector to a public or home water source you should have a backflow preventer in place to eliminate the potential of contaminating the water source. You need to be able to calibrate the injector to make sure you apply the correct amount of acid.