fruits and vegetables

Asked March 28, 2013, 7:04 PM EDT

I'd like to do some canning this year with my mom and sisters. What do they expect fruit and vegetable harvests to be like in Utah?

Salt Lake County Utah

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Based on past history, there should be plenty of fruit and vegetables for canning. It is still too early to tell what the size and quality of the crops will be. Many vegetables haven't even been planted yet. I would just assume that there will be plenty available and rest assured that Utah growers will be doing their best to grow a bountiful crop.

Great. I know some states are currently experiencing a drought, so they project a lower yield this year, but I wasn't sure about Utah. How can I find out which fruits and vegetables will be available which months and where?

If you want to just buy local produce, I would think your best bet is to find some growers (farmer's markets, roadside stands, local retailers, etc) and visit with them. I don't know the exact people to contact and would suggest you contact Dan Drost at USU Extension to get the names of specific growers (