Clematis feeding

Asked March 28, 2013, 11:28 AM EDT

Hi - I have a clematis question. I have several vines (mainly Group 3) & I understand the early spring pruning requirements. My question is this: when do I begin feeding them? If I prune some of them soon, since they are starting to leaf out, should I fertilize them soon after pruning? Will this be detrimental to them when we get more freezing weather between now and May 15? Thank you!

Andrew Laing

Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs

2 Responses

Andrew, I think the best thing to do for clematis in the spring is to add some compost to the soil. This will give the plant a light feeding and will not encourage quick, weak growth that might be susceptible to freezes. Mid to late April would be a good time to start feeding your plants with a balanced fertilizer. Rose food works well since they are similar in needs. Jeff.

Thanks, Jeff, that answers my question perfectly!