Du Comice (Royal Riveira) Pear Trees

Asked March 26, 2013, 10:43 PM EDT

I planted this pear tree (Du Comice - or Royal Riveira) about 8 years ago, and it has grown wonderfully. It is about 10-12 feet tall and looks great, but it has never produced any blossoms. I was just wondering if there was something that I could do to encourage it. I have put in fruit tree fertilizer stakes from time to time - but nothing happens. does this type of tree need some special nutrients or fertilizer? Just wondering Paul Harder

Holt County Nebraska

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Hi Paul,
I don't think your problem is related to a lack of nutrients. In fact, too much fertilizer could be part of the problem. Nitrogen promotes vegetative leaf growth, not flower production. So I would hold off on fertilizer your tree anymore for a couple years.

Growing Pears in the Home Garden, https://extension.unh.edu/resources/files/Resource000587_Rep609.pdf "Older trees that

are growing well (more than 10 inches of new growth each year need no fertilizer."

Temperatures fluctuations in late winter can cause flower buds to lose cold hardiness, and result in buds dying before they have a chance to bloom. Or if trees are fertilized in fall, before leaf drop, winter hardening off could be delayed and result in flower bud death.

These are just a couple possibilities.