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Asked March 26, 2013, 4:33 PM EDT

What is the consequence of harvesting maize grain wet around 25% [not drying] and feeding directly to dairy cows.

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Freshly harvested corn at 25% moisture can be safely fed to dairy cows. You'll need to process the corn by rolling or grinding prior to feeding. Starch digestibility and energy content will be closer to dry corn than fermented HM corn.

Corn at moisture contents exceeding about 23% should not be stored in a grain bin because the kernels may freeze together and also may deform and bind together. The corn may not flow from the bin for unloading. Corn above this moisture content should be placed so it can be unloaded with a front-end loader or something else that can mechanically dislodge the corn. It is critical to provide aeration to keep the corn cool. Wet corn will deteriorate rapidly unless kept cool. Corn will deteriorate even with airflow, but without airflow through the corn it will increase in temperature resulting in rapid deterioration.