Annual water requirements for Texas turf grasses

Asked March 26, 2013, 12:21 PM EDT

I have searched in vain for information regarding the annual water requirements for Texas turf grasses including Bermuda, Buffalo, Centipede, Curly Mesquite, San Augustine, and Zoysia. I am particularly interested in these annual water requirements for Central Texas.

Thank you.

Mr. Merle L. Moden
Wimberley, Texas

Hays County Texas

1 Response

Irrigation not only depends on plant material, but also on soil type, hence the lack of information that you may feel is specific enough. Most turfgrasses require one-inch of water per week in order to survive. More will, of course, encourage more growth, until too much is applied, and then diseases may be an issue. Here is a link to our website page with lawn information for Central Texas.

Curly mesquite is not a turfgrass and will not be included in this information. If you are interested in using curly mesquite, it should be treated like a native groundcover, and watered sparingly. But for more information on it, I'd encourage you to contact the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center:

I understand that such general information may be challenging to interpret to your particular situation, so please feel free to call us at the Travis County office of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to chat with us. 512.854.9600 and ask to speak to a Master Gardener.