Getting Rid of Grass

Asked March 25, 2013, 7:16 AM EDT

I wanted to increase the size of my garden area so I removed about 6" of grass and dirt. I am sure that there is still grass roots there and I want to make sure that they die before I start adding my new layer of dirt. What should I do to prevent the grass from coming back? I appreciate the help.

Mesa County Colorado

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Well, this sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but encourage the remaining roots to grow. When the grass is green and growing well, you can treat it with glyphosate (Round-Up and other products) - it is the most effective grass killer, and since it becomes neutralized in soil you can go ahead and replant right away, once you are sure you've gotten all the grass.

Alternatively, you can of course keep after any new shoots as they come up.

Good luck with the project!

I think you miss understood. I dug up the grass so that I could plant a vegetable garden there instead. I don't want the grass to over come the vegetable plants so I am trying to kill it before I plant.

The only way to spray it out is to have it green and growing. There isn't anything you can put on it at this stage to kill any remaining roots, that won't also poison your soil and prevent growing vegetables.

A possible alternative would be lay down plastic and build a raised bed over it.

Sorry I can't be more help!