drone maturation for instrumental insemination

Asked March 24, 2013, 2:53 PM EDT

Is it necessary for instrumental insemination drones to fly to develop thoracic muscles in order to develop enough internal pressure for total evertion when popped for semen collection. If so how can a flight cage be arranged to prevent contamination of the selected drones by drifting.

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It is not necessary for drones to fly but they must be mature. If you want to guarantee the exact drone source, you should hatch them above a queen excluder - please check out this link from Tom Glenn's website: http://www.glenn-apiaries.com/apimondia_2.html. He confines them for 2 weeks. During this time they maure. Only mature drones will evert fully.
Drones drift, therfore, catching them at colony entrances does not mean they are from that colony.

Best wishes, John