Cool weather seedlings

Asked March 24, 2013, 12:54 PM EDT

Hi, I am in SW Medford in Jackson County. I have raised beds & garden using the square foot gardening method. Given our climate, when is the best time to transplant seedlings such as lettuce, kale & peas? I do not have the experience nor the time to attempt planting these crops by seed. I do, however, plant radishes & carrots by seed because they are easy & predictable. :) Thanks for your advice & direction on this. Alicia

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Hi Alicia,

Feel free to transplant your lettuce, kale and peas anytime now. All are cool weather crops that should do fine from now on. In fact, the kale and peas can be direct seeded now, and both are pretty reliable from seed.

An excellent resource that will give you month by month guidance for vegetable gardening is the "Garden Guide for the Rogue Valley, Year 'Round and Month by Month". It can be purchased at several local nurseries and stores, as well as from the Jackson County Extension at 569 Hanley Rd, Central Point.