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Asked March 22, 2013, 11:30 PM EDT

On the internet I found a writing from your department os OSU on growing table grapes and it mentions a number that grow well for the NW. I am interested in getting a plant of Vanessa and Juniper but have been unable to find any local nurseries that even heard of these brands. Would you be able to point me to someone who can help me? Do you know of any nurseries in Oregon or Washington who carry these plants? I am a retired woman with a small yard and am only looking for one plant of each. Thank you for any help you can give me. Fern

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Dear Fern,
Thank you for submitting a question to One of the challenging things about growing grapes in Washington State is that we have VERY strict quarantines on plants that come in from other states / countries. As such, you should look for nurseries that sell certified planting stock; this would be stock that has gone through certifications in either CA, WA or OR. Washington State University prepares the material (from WA) for this process; we have Vanessa and Jupiter (not sure if you meant "Jupiter" rather than "Juniper" as you have listed); the complete list is at: .

Unfortunately, the Foundation Service at WSU does not sell to non-commercial nurseries, however, we do have a list of nurseries that purchase plants from our program; the list is at: . Most of these nurseries would be able to sell an individual plant, or would be able to tell you who they propagate and sell too (in the case if they don't do individual plant sales).

While we don't have a list of what each nursery carries, the above weblink to the list of nurseries should be able to start you off on your search--- many of the nurseries have websites where you can search to see what they have in stock. I do know (off the cuff), that Cloud Mountain Farm and Inland Desert Nursery take a lot of our stock. Cloud Mountain will sell directly to homeowners (and have the entire "Planet Series" of table grapes). Inland Desert, however, is a large nursery that typically focuses on the commercial grower. However, they do propagate plants and sell them to smaller nurseries / garden shops. They have a list places to contact if you only want a single vine:

Good luck with your planting.