How do you grow emmer Wheat?

Asked March 21, 2013, 7:28 PM EDT

I am trying to find where to get seed for emmer wheat and how to grow it. If you know of someone who could answer those questions please pass thiw on to them.

Nancy Suitter

Penobscot County Maine

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Emmer wheat has been gaining in popularity among the health conscious and those seeking a high protein plant-based diet. Most grains prefer the soil pH to be 6.3 or higher and the fertility to be moderate so consider having your soil tested. UMaine can perform the test and probably make recommendations for growing wheat for you. I have just grown wheat for decoration and I planted it in early spring but I live in MA. I am not sure if you would plant it in the fall in ME since your growing season is shorter. There is a Northern New England Local Bread Wheat Project at UMaine and UVM. One of the folks running this project is Dr. Ellen Mallory ( I would contact her and ask for advice as some grains are planted in spring and some in fall. It looks like there is several places online to order seeds from (although she might have a local recommendation). These include,,, and I have not purchased seed from any of these companies but you can check out their websites.
Hope this helps.