Covering a Berm at 5000 ft

Asked March 20, 2013, 7:36 PM EDT

I just had some lawn work done in preparation for setting up two sheds. To divert water away from sheds, two perpendicular berms were created, one N-S and one E-W. Can you recommend a way to cover the berms? I would favor spreading ground cover that requires little or no water or maintenance. Please spell out the steps to turning these naked berms into something low care and water efficient was well as pretty to look at. Thank you

Santa Cruz County Arizona

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Sorry for the delayed response. Native grasses such as blue and sideoats grama should provide adequate groundcover as long as there is full sun Plant in late May with irrigation to get the grass to establish.

If the berm is between the sheds or on the northside so that they don't get much light, you may want to use an ABC gravel (mixture of three textures/sizes) to inhibit erosion and weeds instead.