Tomato growing

Asked March 18, 2013, 3:22 PM EDT

What is the best determinate tomato to plant in West Jordan?

Salt Lake County Utah

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Sorry it has taken so much time to get back to you, and unfortunately, I have a couple of questions before I can answer your question. Do you live in Jordan, MN? Or West Jordan, UT? Are you planting your tomatoes in containers or in a regular vegetable garden? Just reply by scrolling to the bottom of this message, and clicking on the message icon. Thank you for your question.

I live in West Jordan, Utah and will be growing in both containers and regular vegetable garden.


WOW!! You really know how to put a person on the spot. You know the song "And there were red ones and pink ones and yellow ones and green ones. There were big ones and small ones and tiny ones. And there were early ones and late ones and even in between ones. There were sweet ones and acid ones and slicing ones and canning ones and salad one".

Hopefully you get what I'm saying. There are way to many varieties to pick from. We get questions like this all the time. Since I don't know what you like, you really need to try all the "ones" out there. Seriously, that is not possible. There are more than 600 known tomato varieties and more becoming available every day. If I tested 30 of them each year, it would take me more than 20 years just to evaluate what we have today.

i know this is confusing and you want to pick winners (best) tomatoes. Best at what? Fruit size, number of fruits, best flavor, best cold tolerance. You see where we are going. What may be best for you is not best for me.

Furthermore, is my favorite available locally. Do you grow your own plants, buy from a nursery/garden center, get from large box store? There are different choices at each and since I don't know what varieties each stock, you will need to see what is out there.

My suggestion is talk to a reputable nursery/garden center outlet and see what they recommend. Plant size (determinate) is only one criteria. Buy a few different ones and test them under your conditions. Good luck experimenting this summer. Let us know what you discover.