Asked March 16, 2013, 8:40 PM EDT

How do I discourage skunks for coming around my house? I live in manufacture Home Park in Mosier. They’re not under my house, I know, because there has never been any entries ways under my house. I think there coming from under someone else house or in from the wild. During the warmer months the smell is so bad that we have to close all the windows in the house and spray fresher. Do you know if Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will loan me traps and if there caught will they relocate them back into the wild?

Wasco County Oregon

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Do you have pets and do you feed them outside or if there are other sources of food they are getting into that will bring in skunks. Removing all possible food sources will reduce the problem. Other options are to contact trappers and you can work with them to have them relocate the skunks. Also not sure if Fish and Wildlife do now have live traps to borrow. They likely are available for purchase and Fish and Wildlife can help with that. Also we have a publication on Nuisance Wildlife located on the OSU Publications website at Just search on this site for Nuisance Wildlife. This will provide some good information. If you are not able to find it please contact the OSU Wasco County Extension Office at 541-296-5494 and ask if they can download it for you and send in the mail.