Strength of yarns and woven fabric

Asked March 15, 2013, 5:18 PM EDT

Hello. I am trying to find some data about the strength (or properties) of yarn, and the strength (or properties) of yarn when they are combined into a woven strand, or woven into fabric. The type of yarn (cotton, flax, wool, silk, linen, polyester, etc) is not as important as the data when the individual components are combined. Imagine dropping a brick on a cotton yarn. It might break. But if cotton yarn was woven with polyester and flax yarns, it would withstand the dropping brick, because the properties of each type of yarn, combined, would be stronger than they are individually. That is the information I am seeking. Illustrative examples could be silk/polyester to make a parachute, or individual yarns combined to make military clothing. Hope you can help. This is for a lecture. I have already talked to a textile engineer and the specialty fabrics association, plus looked at countless websites. Your help appreciated as soon as possible.

Washington County Oregon

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Hello and thanks for your very interesting questions. Unfortunately, we do not have expertise in this particular area of textiles. However, I suggest you try contacting
the Oregon State University School of Design and Human Environment in the College of Business. Here is their contact info:
228 Milam Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-5101
541-737-0993 (fax)

Good luck, and thanks for using Ask an Expert.