Using grass as filler dirt

Asked March 15, 2013, 3:39 PM EDT

Thank you for this wonderful service. I've enjoyed reading all of the questions and answers.

I have a narrow 20-foot long planting area alongside my driveway between the driveway and lawn. I plan on digging up another foot and a half of Texas Bluegrass lawn all along the length to widen the bed.

I also have 2 dirt areas around 15.8 feet x 3 feet each, one on each side of a concrete walkway on the side of the house that are recessed where the dirt on each side of the walkway is about 3 inches below the top of the walkway.

So, it has occurred to me to use these shovel-sized clumps of grass from the driveway area to at least somewhat fill up these walkway areas.

Do you see any problem with me doing this? Could the grass possibly root again and start growing? Can too much grass change the composition of the soil in a bad way?

Maybe it would just be a good mulch if I left it on top. Or should I break it up and till it in a bit? Or should I not do it at all? Will it matter if the grass is brown or greening? I am not sure when I will do it. It may be April.

It's a partially sunny area where I'll plant some partially shade loving plants.

Thank you.

A few blocks north of downtown Golden, Colorado.

Jefferson County Colorado

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If you don't first kill the grass, it will take root and become a weed in your planting bed. You could use the chunks as mulch on top of the ground as long as you flip the pieces upside down. Bluegrass can root upside down as well if you water it a lot. If you do not water the turf pieces, they will eventually die.