Red Wattle piglet having trouble walking

Asked March 15, 2013, 3:26 PM EDT

I rescued a 9 wk old Red Wattle pig. He was kept for over a week in a wire crate on concrete. I thought we I got him in a dirt pen that the concrete caused him to favor his back legs. He acts like his back feet are tender. I have checked for any injury & found none. When I try to get him to walk he squeals & acts like him back legs really hurt him to walk. Could he have tetanus? Would penicillin help?

Hood County Texas

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Based on the symptoms, they are not characteristic of tetanus and are not indicative for the need of antibiotics, but they are characteristic of inflammation in the joint and bursae of the hips. If the legs are spread apart, they need to be taped closer together in a normal standing position. Examination by a veterinarian can determine the possible need for prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. Recovery is likely after rest and limited exercise for therapy.