Asked March 15, 2013, 6:26 AM EDT

i have been using roundup chemical spray where i work for the past number of years and am concerned as to the long term effects on me as i have only ever been given a dust mask and gardening gloves to wear.i have been exposed to these chemicals for years and suffer with breathing difficulties often.i have complained to my work,but it is only now since i have had it explained to me by an outside expert as to what clothing etc i should be wearing and the fact that i have never been giving any training,that my bosses are listening and have sent me on a course and given me protective work there anyone who can help me please.i use the spray around twenty times a year and cover an acre of ground.

Outside United States

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The active ingredient in Roundup is Glysophate - the MSDS (material safety data sheet) found at does not note any extra safety precautions related to breathing of the product. However, one would assume you have used other products besides Roundup, and since you are NOT in US, there may have been mislabeling of product. It appears that you are trying to follow the label recommendations at this point. You may need to contact a physician in your area that may specialize in Agriculture related health injuries. if you have further questions please reply back with them.