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Asked March 15, 2013, 1:40 AM EDT

hello, we are in a village in Cambodia trying to deal with iron in well water. my research tells me that aeration and filtering would be a good bet. any design ideas for a well water aeration tower, or whatever, that could be mounted above a biosand filter tank? the electric well pump can be used to deliver the water to the inlet of the thing we build. then the biosand filter can trap the insoluble iron particles. sand filter would be approx. 1 meter in diameter. third world village, limited materials available. any suggestions will be appreciated. God's joy, john

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Aeration and filtering or settling can be an effective method to remove dissolved iron from water. Just remember that bacteria is a problem in the water that is aerated unless you provide continuous chlorination, too. The aeration unit and the sand filter will be prime growth areas for all sorts of bacteria. It will take good management of chemical control of the bacteria.

Cascading water on perforated metal plates is a way to get the air into the water. It will look like a water fall. 5 or 6 levels, water falls about 8 inches from each plate to the next, then though the filter.

Se these resources: http://texaswater.tamu.edu/resources/factsheets/l5451ironandman.pdf