Sale of Blueberry Plants Restricted in Michigan

Asked March 14, 2013, 1:05 PM EDT

Why wont they ship Dwarf Blueberry bushes to Mi?

Oakland County Michigan

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The state of Michigan restricts the import of blueberry bushes into Michigan. This is to protect the Michigan Blueberry Industry from several blueberry viruses that occur in other areas of the world and not in Michigan. Because Blueberries are propagated by taking cuttings from a plant and rooting them to make a new plant it is very easy to spread plant viruses. Specifically, Blueberry Scorch and Blueberry Shock viruses do not occur in Michigan but have spread around the world by the transport of infected cutting.
Only blueberry plants produced in areas that do not have these viruses or that have been certified virus free by their state Department of Agriculture can be sold or shipped into Michigan.
There are many blueberry nurseries here in Michigan and many of the mail order blueberry plants sold in Michigan were grown in Michigan and then shipped to the mail order nursery or shipped directly to the customer from the nursery. These nurseries are located near South Haven and other towns in SW Michigan.