Growing grains in the Upper Peninsula

Asked March 14, 2013, 10:09 AM EDT

What type of soil is best suited for growing quinoa and can I grow it in the U.P.?

Houghton County Michigan

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Are you sure you want to grow quinoa? It does like sandy/loam and loamy sandy soils but not the cold and not the wet summers. Even with the right soil I question the ability to get a decent harvest, unless you get a "climate changing" pattern. Quinoa does not like cold (less than 28F) and does not do well if there is rain as the seed dries, so you see why it is grown in Praires? Also harvesting will be challenging if done by mechanization as it shatters pretty easily and the seeds are small. Also need to wash the seed before eating to remove bitter compounds. this pub gives nutrition too so if you are raising to supplement animal feed you can see all it offers (good stuff).

If you have a cold (cool tolerant) tolerant variety you may give it a try and take a look at this publ and

All the best.