where to find certain raspberry types

Asked March 13, 2013, 3:48 PM EDT

hi. i am looking for the following "cane" raspberry types, no local stores carry them that i can find; Chilliwack, cascade dawn, cascade bounty, cascade delight, coho, anne, heritage. any ideas how to find and buy these varieties? thanks!!

Jackson County Oregon

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You've set yourself a very ambitious raspberry patch! We note that you have a mixture of summer and everbearing types, as well as a gold ("Anne") and several Cascade types.It is somewhat surprising that you have not been able to find "Heritage" locally. It is considered one of the best everbearing varieties, is very popular, and widely grown. However, many shippers do not ship raspberry canes before mid to late February. You might be able to special order from local nurseries. By mailorder, try Weeks Berry, a wholesaler in Keizer, Oregon, which also sells retail the more popular canes. The online site is weeksberry.com. The Cascade series of berries are products of Washington State University's research and development. "Cascade Delight" is a cross of "Chilliwack" and a numbered parent. There is also a "Cascade Gold" berry. These two are available from Sakuma Brothers, a large grower. The online store sells individual plants. Web address is sakumabros.com .Another Washington grower, Spooner Farms, also carries "Anne" and "Cascade Bounty". They are listed as a wholesaler, however. You might contact them to see if they ship to any of our local nurseries. spoonerfarms.com. May we suggest you also consult an excellent source of information on planting, growing and pruning raspberries: EC1306, "Growing Raspberries in Your Home Garden". It is available from Oregon State University Extension at extension.oregonstate.edu/publications. You will find it an invaluable reference! Good luck.