Autumn Blaze Maple Issue

Asked March 12, 2013, 12:59 PM EDT

Hello, I recently noticed my 2 autumn blaze maples with the condition shown in the attached photo. While I wrapped most of my other trees for the winter, I missed these. Should I still wrap or is there something else I can do to seal the trunks.
Thank you!
Steve Wisecup

Boulder County Colorado

2 Responses

Hello Steve, It does appear to be the sun scald as you mentioned, and wrapping would be a good idea even though it is toward the end of the season. Also be sure to water if we hit more dry spells so the tree is able to produce sap and prevent bugs and disease. Please see the garden notes from the CSU Gardening site: Thank you, Boulder County Master Gardener Help Desk

This could be just oozing sap from an old pruning wound or physical injury. Check to see if this ooze is watery. Maples ooze thin sap Dec-Mar from old pruning wounds or trunk injuries.