Bat Control

Asked March 11, 2013, 11:31 PM EDT

At the Community Federated Church in Thermopolis WY we have become a home to a seasonal bat population. We are wondering if your experts can help us discourage the return of the bats to our church this year. Are there any chemicals or electromagnet frequencies (outside the range of the human ear) that would be effective in encouraging their relocation?

Jim Kirsch

Hot Springs County Wyoming

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Hi Jim,

The only real effective bat deterrent is a physical barrier. You want to make sure the bats are not present when installing. Wire mesh with very small openings installed across the opening the bats are using. Bats can enter very small holes so make sure it is sealed up well. If the bats have already moved in for the season make sure to do the install after sundown when they have left for the night.