my pig

Asked March 9, 2013, 7:15 PM EST

my one year old gilt is less active than normal i believe she was bred on the fifth of february she is a landrace cross with a yorkshire and approximately 450 lbs is this normal

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Your gilt is a on the heavy side. She should be eating about 5 pounds of a swine diet daily. More is wasteful and could reduce litter size. Is she on a balanced diet, protein, vitamins, minerals? I she the only pig you have? Is there competition for feed? Is she eating and drinking normally and defecating daily?

we have her on 5 lbs a day of the purina pig and sow 16% feed she is not the only pig we have however she is in a pen by herself in a 17 by 17 pen she is starting to feel better but her vulva is a little swolen but not as much as it was when she came in for the boar there is no competition for feed we have another gilt across barn singled out as well and an 11 month old boar in a seperate pen as well is there any definate way to tell if she is pregnant at this point she has spprox. 75 days left if she is pregnant

Regarding pregnancy has the gilt come into estrus? Do you have a preg testing machine or neighbor or vet with one? Is she feverish? Normal is about 101 Fahrenheit. Your response seems like you are doing things right. I'm sorry I cannot give a better answer but am willing to continue the conversation.