finding buffalo & blue grama grass plugs or sod

Asked March 9, 2013, 4:12 PM EST

Trying to locate dealers near Denver who sell either plugs or sod for a honme lawn. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Arapahoe County Colorado

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Blue Grama sod is not available. Plugs of 'Hachita' blue grama grass are sold by High Country Gardens in Santa Fe, Todd Valley Farms in Nebraska or Nature Hills Nursery in Nebraska. You might try some local nurseries and garden centers to see if they will carry Hachita or Alma blue grama plugs.

Turf-type buffalograss is sod-forming - but it's pretty expensive sod. Plugs planted on 6 inch centers would be cheaper, although weeds will be a problem. Use turf-types 'Legacy' , 'Turffalo' or 'Prestige' sod or plugs. Some local garden centers have carried 'Legacy' plugs in the past. The nurseries listed above also carry turf-type buffalograss plugs. Some local nurseries and garden centers such as Paulino's, Tagawa's, Timberline, Echter's, O'Toole's and others may carry plugs of these turf-type buffalograss varieties. See also