Raising Yuca from stem cuttings

Asked March 9, 2013, 3:51 PM EST

Steve, good morning. I hope it is ok for me to ask questions during this process. If not, please advise. I have all stems potted in soil as we discussed except for (4) which I will use in various direct planting experiments. I carefully planted the stems with the largest diameter end placed in the soil. It seems the Yuca stems vary in width to the extent that I had (3) stems planted upside down. Once I saw this I immediately reversed the stems, without the advantage of the scraping and the rooting hormone. Incidentally, I noticed that the stems showed good signs of rooting (1/8") at the nodes. I now recognize the polarity of the nodes. Comments? Most remaining stems are showing signs of the first leaving. When would you suggest I begin fertilizing? I have 24-8-26 all purpose Miracle-gro. Is that acceptable or do you have a preference? Any other thoughts? Fred

Douglas County Oregon

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It is good that you caught the stems that were upside down. Proper polarity is of course critical to their success.

When working with cuttings and tender new roots you do not want to fertilize them until the roots are well established. Just keep checking to see if the roots are forming the finer root hairs. At that point you can make some very dilute fertilizer solution, about half the normal suggested dilution factor. Use a weak solution for a few weeks, then go to the regular rate. The miracle-gro is fine.