Do farm fresh eggs need to be washed?

Asked March 9, 2013, 12:29 PM EST

I am receiving farm fresh eggs from a friend who has chickens on his ranch. Do I need to wash them before I cook with them? They appear to be clean. I've heard pros and cons to washing them.

Burnet County Texas

1 Response

It is highly recommended that you wash the farm fresh eggs because they could have fecal material or residue on the surface that could have dangerous bacteria (like E. coli). If this bacteria gets into the egg contents, it contaminates the egg and the person eating the egg could get sick. Additionally, if the eggs are going to be stored for some time, a clean egg will last a little longer and will have less chance of getting contaminated. The eggshell is porous, so any bacteria could, with time, penetrate it and contaminate the interior of the egg.