Lawn Watering amount in Kitsap County

Asked March 8, 2013, 7:53 PM EST

How much water does a basic lawn require a week in Kitsap County and how often? The soil isn't sandy, but topsoil on top of hard dirt.

Kitsap County Washington

1 Response

In order to provide you the best answer, it would be helpful for us to have the following information: 1.) What kind (actual varieties, like bluegrass or fescue, plus shade or sun mix; any specifics would be good) of grass are you growing? 2.) Are you committed to a watering regimen, or do you want to allow the grass to go dormant at any point? 3.) Do you have a watering system? How is water to be delivered? 4.) What kind of traffic does your lawn get? Here we are trying to get at whether your lawn is mostly for display, or must stand up to use- it makes a difference. 5.) History: how long have you been working with this lawn, and what have you been doing? 6.) You say "hard dirt"; is this a situation with imported topsoil on top of previously exposed clay substrate, such as is often seen around new construction, or is it compacted from age and use under the topsoil? How many inches of topsoil do you have? Was it applied by you, and if so, what kind (if any) of preparation did you do on that hard layer? 7.) Is the lawn generally healthy, not diseased or weedy?
That is a lot of questions, but it is all information that will help us do the best job for you.