help with moles in newport

Asked March 8, 2013, 5:28 PM EST

i have a large piece of property that has become ridden with mole holes, creating an unsafe place for ankles. i haven't been concerned with dealing with the moles until now....i plan to plant my first food garden soon & need to address the problems that they will cause, as most bulb plants have been dug up by them. i do NOT want to kill them so that eliminates the kill traps & poisons. i am desperate for your help as i have already postponed putting in my garden, trying to solve this problem on my own.

Lincoln County Oregon

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Listed below are a number of ways to control moles: Trapping: Moles can be captured by using specially designed traps. Harpoon- and choker-type traps are available through farm and garden-supply stores or hardware stores. Directions for using these special traps are furnished by the manufacturers. You are more likely to be successful at trapping moles in the spring or fall when they are not using the deeper burrows. This probably fits into the "best" but "not humane" category. Mechanical: Small areas such as flower beds can be protected by barriers of 1/2-inch hardware cloth buried in the ground to a depth of at least 12 inches, so as to prevent burrowing. Don't forget to fence the sides! Pesticides: A number of chemicals are registered and available for use in mole control. However, there are no scientific studies indicating that they are effective. Repellents: There are no repellents for moles that have been proven to be effective under rigorous standards. Smoke fumigation: Smoke fumigation using specially designed cartridges for mole control is difficult. The key problem is treating a wide enough area with enough cartridges to be effective. All parts of the tunnel must be treated simultaneously. Many mole tunnel systems are so extensive that this is not practical. Hint: read that last sentence again. Vibrating devices: Devices such as electrical vibrators or plastic windmills that send slight tremors through the ground have not been proven to repel moles. Unfortunately, each device has a very limited range of effectiveness, so the average yard would require dozens of them to be effective, even if they were. In any case, there is NO evidence that they work. Cats/Dogs: Cats or dogs may kill the occasional star-nosed mole, but more often they catch shrews which are the mole's natural predator, so killing them may add to your problem. Read more about moles and their control at Mole Management Tips. Note to Polly: this is a previously published FAQ, but appropriate in your neighbor's case. Keep these issues in mind: 1. Moles are territorial. There are a few moles, not tens of moles, causing his problems. 2. Poisons simply have limited evidence of being effective. Moles are insectivores, not granivores. 3. Your neighbor has a lot in mole habitat. There will always be moles wanting to live there. The investment in a couple of mole traps will be spread out over the years as they are used to remove the territorial mole. 4. There are companies that specialize in removing moles (for a fee).