rodent ID

Asked March 7, 2013, 10:38 AM EST

some sort of rodent has set up residence in my yard/garden. large mounds of dirt, no obvious holes, with obvious tunnels running between mounds of dirt. also, how to remove this rodent without using poisons? thanks! Sam

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I'm going to say you have a mole, poison is not the most effective way to deal with your mole anyway, a trap is. I have a mole in my vegetable garden right now and he is doing a good job of working the soil for me, I go out from time to time with a fiberglass rod leftover from the electric fence and find his tunnels. Some times the mole trails are deeper than my shovel, when slowly depressing the rod the tunnel will feel like a easy spot. If this mole was in my lawn or flowers I'd trap him straightaway. My method is to start at the mound and probe the tunnel to a junction dig and place a trap in both directions. finding them is kind of like playing that game battleship.

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