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Asked March 5, 2013, 12:56 PM EST

Thank you in advance for your time. We have a sow that has had 15 piglets on Sunday.We have 11 that survived. This is her second litter. Her first litter was 9 pigs and only 5 survived. Her milk never came down. We bottle fed the surviving piglets and they all turned out happy and healthy. This litter seems to be the same. She seemed to have plenty of milk at the time of birth, but now she has little to none. We have started to supplement milk replacer to keep these little guys around. They are all good size and have taken to the milk replacer. Sow never seems to want to show her teats. She is healthy and eats good feed (ground peas, lentils, barley, w/supplements they need) and has all the clean water she can drink. I think that she is destined to be in the freezer. My question, is there a contraption we can buy/make to hold bottles to feed the 11 piglets? It will be quite difficult for my husband and I to do the job. Also, any idea why she never got a good supply of milk in?

Stevens County Washington

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Unfortunately she will probably never have enough milk for her litters, so it would probably be best to cull that sow. If she did get milk, but it didn't last and she isn't sowing teats for the piglets she may have some mastitis issues. There are many types of racks to hold multiple bottles or buckets with multiple nipples on it to help you feed the piglets. Most farm supply stores will have them, or can order them for you.