Flowers dont bloom

Asked March 5, 2013, 8:11 AM EST

I have several different flowers in my garden beds that grow pretty stalks/leaves but never bloom. Examples liriope, society garlic, agapanthus, burbine, amaryllis, phlox. The lantana never grow or bloom much more than how I buy them. What to do?

Montgomery County Texas

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Thank you for your question.
Several reasons for limited or lack of blooms are; too much fertilizer, too much shade and/or excessive watering. Even combinations of these can cause the problem. Most of the plants you mentioned are drought tolerant full sun to part shade plants. I am not sure what the location of these plants are in the landscape, but lack of sun could be one issue that needs to be addressed. Without knowing the location and amount of sun the plants recieve, I can only assume that either water, fertilizer or shade could be the issue.
Thank you again for your question. If you would like to call our office, we have Master Gardeners that can assist you further.