fast growing grass for horses to graze on?

Asked March 4, 2013, 7:21 PM EST

Is there a fast growing grass, maybe xeriscape type grass, that we can plant across our 3 acres to help supplement our horses with some extra food? We are on a well system, but do not have irrigation set up to water regularly at this time. Thanks!

Arapahoe County Colorado

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Consider crested wheatgrass - it's a cool-season grass that is pretty drought-tolerant. It will provide good spring forage for your horses, but becomes stemmy and less palatable when it sends up flowers/seed stalks in summer. You'd need to sow it soon so that hoped-for April moisture will help to germinate it, approx 40 lbs seed/acre. One potential problem - since horses tend to graze grasses pretty close to the ground and crested wheatgrass doesn't tolerate that real well, it may thin out
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Thanks so much, we will give it a try and respond witht he results at the end of the summer. Heres hoping we get lots of snow and rain this spring!