aspen tree borer in heber utah

Asked March 2, 2013, 11:40 PM EST

good evenin' :) I have a large aspen tree in my back yard. I did not plant it. I noticed the black oozing and wasps feeding and learned the poor tree has borers. It was too late last year to treat it so here we are coming into spring and I'm wondering a good product to treat the tree with. I have dogs who love sitting under the tree and I want to be an non toxic as possible.
thank you so much

Wasatch County Utah

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You will need to spray the trunk and all large branches with carbaryl (Sevin) in about a month. This needs to be done annually.

so, I went to get some sevin and a lady at the store said it's quite toxic and the maker's an "old boy" she recommended bayer's tree and shrub protect and feed granuals.... safer for my dog and garden near by? help again please thanks

The most effective treatment would be to spray the trunk and larger branches with Sevin once a year. Sevin is moderately toxic, but you spray once & it sits on the bark & forms a barrier. I believe that the Bayer stuff is imidacloprid with a fertilizer. First, almost certainly your tree doesn't need fertilization. Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide that is taken up by the tree roots and infuses all the tree's tissues. It isn't very toxic but is all through the tree for months. Also, it has not been shown to work with borers and is not labeled for that. So if you want to save the tree use Sevin. Even then though, success is not sure. Good luck.