Suspected bird mite infestation in my home

Asked March 1, 2013, 10:30 PM EST

I have numerous small white pests that look like grains of sand that are in carpets, furniture, and clothing. They cause itching and stinging and are difficult to remove with vacuuming and washing. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Middlesex County Massachusetts

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The mites needs to be identified by an entomologist or a pest management person familiar with dealing with bird mites. I see you are located in Massachusetts, therefore I am including information on UMass Entomology Department information below.
Bird mites will bite humans but will not be able to reproduce without birds on which to feed. Do you have pet birds in your home? If so contact an avian vet for safe treatments for the home and birds. If you do not keep birds, look for sources of bird nests around doors and windows and remove if found. A positive identification of the insect or type of mite will help you eradicate the infestation.

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Carol Quish
UConn Home and Garden Education Center

Thanks for the information about the mite problem in my home. I will get in touch with the Entomology Deptment at UMASS to help identify the insects.