Last frost date in McMinnville?

Asked March 1, 2013, 2:25 PM EST

What are the last frost dates and first frost dates for 2013 in McMinnville (elevation approx 300' asl.)

Yamhill County Oregon

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This is the eternal question each spring and fall and it varies from year to year. Our frost free days range from 150 to 250! That wide of a range makes a definitive answer problematic. However, from mid-May to Mid-October we can almost count on not getting any frost. Outside of those dates, keep a sharp eye on the weather and use appropriate protective measures as needed.

I am including a link to Oregon State University Extension Service's "Planting dates and regions for growing Oregon vegetables" which I think you will find to be very helpful.

Good luck with your gardening in 2013 and ask again if we can be of further assistance.