Best fence for flooded pasture

Asked March 1, 2013, 1:51 PM EST

I have 12-14 acres of potential pasture that I'd like to clear and fence for cattle grazing; it gets floodwaters up to 5-feet several times each winter for 1-3 days each event (see photo). Water backs into the pasture from the downstream end through a fairly wide riparian buffer so I don't expect high flow velocities, but there is potential for debris to put pressure on the fence. What are some smart options for fence construction (materials, brace depth, post spacing, etc.)

Coos County Oregon

1 Response

A 2-3 smooth wire electric fence with wood fence posts would work. The smooth wire allows some debris to flow through the fence during flooding. You may still need to repair fencing after flooding but much easier than other fencing material. Look at the Gallagher fencing website for more information.