How to Care for Apricot Trees

Asked March 1, 2013, 1:10 PM EST

Why do the fruits of my Manchurian Bush apricot trees split and fall before ripening? What can I do to enable the fruits to stay on the tree until they are fully ripened and sweet?

Jefferson County Oregon stone fruit fruit trees

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Fruit splits are caused by an uneven rate of growth. They are often seen when rainfall occurs after a protracted period of dry conditions. The best way to prevent fruit splits are too supply a steady amount of moisture to the tree as the fruit matures.

I usually water my apricot trees every 4-5 days for a duration of 4 hours, using several mini-sprayers (aproximately 1 gallon/hour output). Is this an appropriate watering method? If not, how much water should I apply per watering, and how often should I water, assuming that the weather is dry?