Asked March 1, 2013, 10:59 AM EST

I am new to the area and we bought a house in the city with a water feature that has attracted loud frogs. What might I do to get rid of them this as they are disturbing our needed sleep. Thank you!

Washington County Oregon wildlife

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Hi there, and thank you for your question.
It would be really neat to know what kinds of frogs you have. For example, we have native tree frogs that mark the beginning of spring with their calls during mating season - They only call during a couple of weeks (mating season) and tell us spring is coming before many of the other signs (birds, flowers, etc.) show up. Many folks grow accustomed to a couple weeks' worth of "peeping" and come to enjoy the seasonal event. On the other hand, if you have (non-native, invasive) bullfrogs, elimination of the frogs themselves would be the very best thing you can do for yourself and for Oregon's native wildlife.
Regardless of which frogs are causing the ruckus, a good first step to discourage them would to eliminate the water in the water feature.
I hope this information helps,