2005 apricots

Asked February 25, 2013, 6:42 PM EST

I have bottled apricots from 2005. Are they still good? They are darker in color but the lid is still sealed.

Weber County Utah

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I am assuming you are referring to a home preserved, water bath processed, jar of apricots. Yes, the contents should still be safe if the seals remain good and the jars have not been exposed to temperature extremes. Loss of liquid can cause the exposed fruit to darken-but it can still be considered safe. If, however, the loss is excessive (for example, if at least half of the liquid is lost), then you should discard the contents. If the submerged fruit has turned brown, it can still be considered safe but is probably due to loss of quality from the long storage period. It is recommended for best quality to use home canned items within one year.Hope this helps. Thanks for using eXtension.