Internet of Things

Asked February 25, 2013, 3:00 PM EST

I have been asked by an international colleague about the status for application of the Internet of Things concept in US agriculture. I am unfamiliar with any applications.

Any help or tips to US agriculture resources on the topic would be appreciated

Prince George's County Maryland

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Basically any agricultural device with networking capabilities becomes a potential Internet of Things application. I can think of several such uses being employed in agriculture. Certainly the whole area of animal identification and tracking would qualify. We also have silo monitoring, air quality detection, irrigation, weather sensors, and the whole area of precision agriculture would be additional areas that would qualify.

These may not be labeled in the literature as IoT technologies, but there are no shortage of applications that would most definitely meet the criteria.

Thanks. The Europeans and Chinese are using the phrase 'Internet of Things' and the article at the URL below describes that a bit. Clearly, we have many sensors with potential for IoT and clearly they have not yet really developed anything meaningful using the IoT. I do believe it's coming, however.

I found several articles when searching from Chinese scientists. It is most definitely a term/concept that they are embracing. Seems like U.S. scientists are missing an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon. Thank you for the links.