Yuca Hardwood stem propogation

Asked February 24, 2013, 10:35 AM EST

I have obtained several Yuca hardwwod cuttings to begin growing Yuca, or Cassava. (not Yucca) My field that will be used for this crop is very heavy soil and very, very wet through April. I need 8 months of growing season, ending Nov 1, so I need to start right about now. 1. Should I start the cuttings now in this field? 2. or Should I start the cuttings in the greenhouse now and transplant May 1? 3. Do you have a better option? Fred

Douglas County Oregon

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If planted outside now the Yuca cuttings will rot because the heavy soil will be too cold for the cuttings to establish and sitting in the wet soil for two months will rot them. Starting the cuttings in a greenhouse sounds like your only option. When transplanting them in May make sure to minimize the disturbance to the root system. Yuca plants do not generally like to be transplanted once they are actively growing. This will be an interesting experiment for you to see if Yuca can be grown successfully here. You may need to eventually make a raised bed with better drainage and a loamy soil to be successful.

Steve, thank you. I am now thinking that I can start in the greenhouse in 6" pots, inverted and the bottom removed. I will cover the base with platistic wrap, holes added for drainage, and securred firmly to the pot. The cuttingsd will be inserted 4"-5" into the pot in good potting soil to start. When the ground is warm enough and the soil is dry enough I can transplant into a hole in a raised bed by just sliding off the plastic wrap and gently lifting off the pot. I will gently firm the soil around the potting soil.
1. Sound ok?
2. Do you believe in scraping the base bark slightly and maybe sitting in water for 5 minutes?
3. Do you believe in Rootone or equiv?
4. Do you suggest misting (how often?) or keeping the cuttings in a plastic bag to maintain humidity?

I realize I have asked many questions, but there are many opinions out there and I would like your take.

Incidentally you and I have spoken several times. My home is at 7336 Oak Hill Rd in Roseburg. 541-459--3185

Once again, thank you for your time
Fred Birch

This sounds like a good process you described to me. I would scrape the cutting lightly and use a little rooting hormone. Try a few without scraping and hormone just to test how well they will do on their own. Soaking the cuttings for a few minutes before hormone treatment will be good. The Yuca is a pretty tough plant. I dont think you will need to mist or put in a plastic tent. Good gardening Fred.