I have a horse that has 'weak quarters'.

Asked February 24, 2013, 12:13 AM EST

I have a Quarter Horse gelding with weak quarters on both front legs. He has been shod and now I see cracks going from the back of the heel area moving down towards the toe. How do I treat this issue? Is there a supplement that I can feed to help the hoof wall grow out better? He has been in the pasture during the day, and in the barn at night. Some of the pasture has standing water, should I keep him in a high/dry area where his hoofs do not come in contact with standing water?
Thank you.

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Hello - you willl want to consult your farrier about the cracks, you need to treat them right away so that they do not continue to spread. You may need to consult with a veterinarian as well if they are severe. It is most likely the wet conditions, creating mud, which as the mud dries, will suck the moisture out of the hoof, creating perfect conditions for cracks to form. If your horse does not have a nutritionally balanced diet, a supplement of the B vitamin biotin may also help but only if he is biotin deficient. If he is eating a commercial feed and hay, this is probably unlikely. It is also difficult to tell which supplement truly has the amount of biotin they claim to have since the industry does not have a lot of oversight. But, since B vitamin is water soluble, it should not hurt anything as any excess will be urinated away. I hope this helps!